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Dirty Diamonds #8: Sex (PDF)

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Let's talk about SEX.

We asked female comic creators to tell us their thoughts behind the act of sex, and they delivered! Their stories are personal, powerful, real, raw, hilarious, ridiculous, and stunningly smart. Too often women are told how they should feel about their sexuality and what they should do with their bodies, and now more than ever we need women telling the world how they perceive, experience, and feel about sex!

Dirty Diamonds #8: Sex features comics from over 60 contributors in a massive collection that tells women's thoughts behind the act of sex.

Edited by Kelly Phillips & Claire Folkman. Cover art by Yao Xiao. Book design by Kelly Phillips.

208 pages


Alex Graudins

Alex Newbigging

Amna Abbas

Amy Filmer

Anna Krztoń

Arielle Estrella

Ashley Leckwold

Baddie Class

Bree Jordan

Brianna Gilmartin


Carolyn Nowak

CB Hart

Cecília Fumaneri

Christine Larsen


Claire Folkman

Crystal Jayme

Cyn Why?

Grace Teoh

Hannah K. Messler

Heather Kenealy

Imas Esther

Jenn Woodall

Jenn Arledge

Jillian Fleck

Karin Blaauwijkel

Katie Orcutt

Kelly Bastow

Kelly Phillips

Lilly Taing

Lindsay Ishihiro

Lisa Wolinsky

Lorena Reyes

Lucie Towers

Madeleine LaPlante

Maria Bee

Maria Kammerer

Marie-Anne Dt

Marilena Ness

Marlene K.

Megan Crow

Meghan Lands

Meredith W. Park

Mirana Reveier

Noni Garcia

Nova Sawatzky

Olivia Li

Olivia Stephens

Priya Huq


Rachel Ordway

Rica March

Robyn Haley

s.Jane Mills

Shauna J. Grant

Silvia Carrus

Soumya Dhulekar


Štěpánka Jislová

Tara O'Connor


Win Evans

Yao Xiao

Yury Guzman

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Dirty Diamonds #8: Sex (PDF)

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