Dirty Diamonds #7: Imagination (PDF)

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The latest all-ages installment is a book that captures our weirdest fantasies, our darkest dreams, our brightest creations, and all the figments of our imagination… Making up stories about the nearby woods. Creating fanfiction with a friend to stay close during a move. Envisioning yourself as an alien moon princess. Using magic to help realize your identity. Struggling to stay creative on a new medication. Mastering the mystique of pro wrestling. Reinventing yourself as the hero of a game. Picturing your characters doing sick flips out the window of a moving car… With imagination, all things are possible.

Dirty Diamonds #7: Imagination features comics from over 60 contributors in a massive collection that aims to show just how far your imagination can take you.

Edited by Kelly Phillips & Claire Folkman. Cover art by Rebecca Mock. Book design by Kelly Phillips.

234 pages


Alex Graudins

Anna Assan / "Capp"

Anna Krztoń

Anna Wieszczyk

Anne Mondeel

Ashanti Fortson

Bilge Emir

Bree Jordan

Brie Katherine

Caitlin Skaalrud

Carey Pietsch

Carolyn Nowak

Cathi Chavers


Claire Folkman

Crystal Jayme (Scotty)

Cyn Why

Dre Grigoropol

Emily Ree

Giselle Sarmiento

Grace Teoh

J B Monte

Jay Jacques

Jennifer Chan

Kat Efird

Kat Fajardo

Kata Kane

Katie Alexander-O'Carroll

Kelly Leigh Miller

Kelly Phillips

Kielamel Sibal

Kimberly Frisch

Laura Ellyn

Leslie Craig

Letty Wilson

Lisa Imperiale

Liz Rosema

Lucie Towers

Ma. Victoria Robado

Madeleine LaPlante

Magdalene Visaggio

Meagan Ciongoli

Megan Crow

Mirana Reveier

Natalie Riess

Noni Garcia

Rebecca Mock

Rica March

Sage Coffey

Samantha Kyle

Sara Goetter

Sarah Burns

Sarah Simes

Shannon Murphy

Shauna J. Grant

Shivana Sookdeo

Soumya Dhulekar

Štěpánka Jislová

Stephanie Hovden

Sunny Go

t.r. logan

Tara O'Connor

Vicky Leta

Virus Visal

Win Evans

Yao Xiao

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Dirty Diamonds #7: Imagination (PDF)

0 ratings
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